Chiefs vs Chargers Live Stream: Game Preview, Start time and TV info

The Regular season football is getting closer and closer every day that passes. In just a couple of few days, the players and the coaches will now convene in their respective practice facilities across the entire nation and various training camps.

Chiefs vs Chargers Live Stream

By now, the respective game plans and schemes will be fully developed. The team morale will be greatly boosted through proper timing. As the clock continues ticking, StubHub Center, Carson, CA is eagerly waiting for the September 9th match. The Kansas City Chiefs will be playing against the Los Angeles Chargers at 1:05 PM.

The expectations of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018 vary across all over the map. Some do not think that at one point they will be a playoff team. The Chiefs have a very a difficult schedule in the 2018 primetime games. The schedule includes 5 primetime games. Only one of the games is being played at home, two are straight road games to begin the season and there are three home games that will be played later. T was extremely slow compared to the others.

Los Angeles Chargers

In their first season, the LA chargers starters in a slower pace. They missed the playoff berth very narrowly. This highlighted perfects that every individual game in their calendar is very important.

The Chargers have high expectations in the context of changing dynamic in the AFC West. Here the defending champion Chiefs have lost quarterback Alex Smith and their cornerback Marcus Peters. The offensive side of the LA’s Chargers has a problem. The star tight end Antonio Gates had been a fixture with the Chargers since his remarkable breakthrough rookie season so 2003 was later allowed to leave as a free agent. This happened after his contract expired. The departure of Gates now leaves the quarterback Phillip Rivers as the senior statesman on the squad.

The LA fans have great belief and faith in the chargers. They believe that they can go as far as the Pro Bowl with the wide receiver Keenan Allen in action. Rivers has only two years left before his contract is over. The chargers can, therefore, get to a good start and can be very dangerous.

Kansas City Chiefs

The chiefs cannot be left behind. Their preparations have already started. The training camp for the Chiefs rookies was opened prior to the other main training. In the next one month, the regular season schedule will begin. There are camps which are set to get started around the NFL in the course of the week.

How to watch the Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers with Cable

1. Fubo TV

You might want to check out the contents of the Fubo TV package if you are a lover of the American football. It will only cost you $35 to sign up for the Fubo premier package. Through this, you can now get live streaming access through the CBS Sports Network.

To enjoy more, you can choose to add more $6 per month where you purchase the Mundo Plus. This is an add-on that gives you streaming access to the Spanish language version of FOX.

2. CBS All Access

CBS is mainly connected through cables to access the various stations. To access the channel without a cable, just find yourself an OTA television. It has a subscription that goes for $6 monthly thus giving you live streaming access to the CBS television that includes the LIVE NFL which air on their network. It is a very cost friend option, especially where you want to live stream the NFL matches.

3. NFL Mobile on Verizon

The NFL Mobile is one of the most inexpensive ways to catch NFL football. The package is only at $5 every month. Al you need to do is open a Verizon customer. It is very possible to stream through the major NF games being broadcasted in your area. You are able to get Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Football. They also have the NFL that you can watch on FOX or through CBS.

4. DirecTV

This is a very great option for the cord cutting fans. The package cost $35 monthly. It comes with a DVR where you get ESPN, ABC, FOX, and NBC. This means that with the program you can get to watch the Sunday Football, Monday Night Football and even you can watch the Thursday Night Football when aired through the NBC.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers Game Prediction

In the recent years, the Chiefs have dominated the chargers a lot. They have actually dominated with wins in the last eight meetings but with the chargers ducked by many of the class of the AFC West. They have dominated the chargers a lot in the recent past. They have swept them each in the past four seasons. The Kansas Chiefs eventually won four in a row over the LA Chargers.

They were able to so that with over 12 points on every game that they played. The question that they have to answer through this year’s league is, how much longer will the dominion continue? The charger in this season look as strong as ever and it’s not a wonder that they will beat the Kansas chiefs. The veteran QB Philip Rivers has plenty of weapons on the offensive side of the ball and there are playmakers throughout the entire defensive side.

If there is a team in the entire NFL that has the Chargers number is the Andy Reid and the Kansas Chiefs. Through the 2017 season, Phillip Rivers had 10 interceptions. This was not a bad total in a season but he had thrown six against the Chiefs secondary.

The prediction for the teams is that chargers will beat the chiefs in 24 scores against 21 scores.

Final words

This match between the Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Chargers will open the season testing the team projecting their primary competition for the AFC West. For the chargers, it is not much about being on the home field since there is still home opposing fans. They will, therefore, have to give the best they can including bringing back the talented roster on both sides of the ball. The need to make a statement through this game after getting off to a 0-4 in the previous season.