Detroit Lions game live streaming

The Detroit Lions is a team in the US that mostly folks who are residing in Detroit know. As the name suggests, the team is located in the Detroit, in mid western state of Michigan. The team plays in the National Football League which comprises of 32 teams and its home ground is at Ford field in Detroit. The lions finished third in their 2015-2016 after they won the last game competition against the Chicago bears.

Detroit Lions game live streaming, start time, TV schedule info

The Detroit Lions 2016 Game, live streaming, start time and TV schedule.

Sep. 11 Detroit Lions vs Indianapolis Colts 4:25 PM FOX
Sep. 18 Detroit Lions vs Tennessee Titans 1:00 PM CBS
Sep. 25 Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM FOX
Oct. 2 Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears 1:00 PM FOX
Oct. 9 Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles 1:00 PM FOX
Oct. 16 Detroit Lions vs Los Angeles Rams 1:00 PM FOX
Oct. 23 Detroit Lions vs Washington Redskins 1:00 PM FOX
Oct. 30 Detroit Lions vs Houston Texans 1:00 PM FOX
Nov. 6 Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM FOX
Nov. 20 Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM CBS
Nov. 24 Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings (Thu) 12:30 PM CBS
Dec. 4 Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints 1:00 PM FOX
Dec. 11 Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears 1:00 PM FOX
Dec. 18 Detroit Lions vs New York Giants 1:00 PM FOX
Dec. 26 Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys (Mon) 8:30 PM ESPN
Jan. 1 Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers 1:00 PM FOX

This years’ NFL season will be the 97th season of the league and is upcoming on Thursday, September 8, 2016 and it will feature a total of 256 games to be played over a seventeen week time frame and the lions are set to play their games when they begin on the date above. The team is currently in their training camp just to gather some traction for their first preseason game on Friday, August 12, 2016 against Pittsburgh Steelers at 1900HRS ET at Heinz Field and others will follow within the month and will stream on the and just to name a few and will show on KDKA TV and Fox 2.

The Detroit Lions first regular season match will be against Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, 11 September, 2016 at Lucas Oil Stadium at 16.25 ET and will be available on TV channel Fox and also Online.

The Detroit Lions and their fans have been hoping for a better season after doing some changes in their operations and the new general manager Bob Quinn who was hired in January seems to be positive on making positive impact and improve the team’s performance. They have brought in new signings on free agency to fix some of the positions they had challenges with last year but pundits predict a rather rough season for the Detroit lions and still point to the holes left by its two strong players who are Ndamukong Suh and Calvin Johnson over the last 2 years. They say that they are difficult to fill and also point to the lack of a receiver but are still optimistic that the next seasoned team will be successful in the future.

As a real fan of Detroit Lions, there is always a big hope. That what makes you keep following their games in the future. Now you can sit back and relax and watch as the new season begins. Make sure that you check the starting time and TV schedule info to catch up with the newest games.

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