Green Bay Packers game live stream

The 2016 NFL Season is fast approaching. Many fans of the Green Bay Packers football club across the US and the world want to be part of the action. However, if you find yourself not able to watch live matches due to factors not in your control, do not panic. This article will give you the valuable information of live streaming of the matches and there legally accepted platforms that provide the services as well as match schedule.

Green Bay Packers game live stream

How to Green Bay Packers game live stream, start Time, TV schedule online info at a glance

DATE                         GREEN BAY PACKERS CT TV
Sep. 11 Green Bay Packers vs Jacksonville Jaguars 12:00 PM FOX
Sep. 18 Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings 7:30 PM NBC
Sep. 25 Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions 12:00 PM FOX
Oct. 9 Green Bay Packers vs New York Giants 7:30 PM NBC
Oct. 16 Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys 3:25 PM FOX
Oct. 20 Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears (Thu) 7:25 PM CBS/NFLN/Twitter
Oct. 30 Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons 12:00 PM FOX
Nov. 6 Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts 3:25 PM CBS
Nov. 13 Green Bay Packers vs Tennessee Titans 12:00 PM FOX
Nov. 20 Green Bay Packers vs Washington Redskins * 7:30 PM NBC
Nov. 28   Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles (Mon) 7:30 PM ESPN
Dec. 4 Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans 12:00 PM CBS
Dec. 11 Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks 3:25 PM FOX
Dec. 18 Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears 12:00 PM FOX
Dec. 24 Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings (Sat) 12:00 PM FOX
Jan. 1 Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions 12:00 PM FOX

You no longer need cable in order to watch a live football game. This has been made possible through several online platforms. DirecTV offers competitively priced packages for online live NFL match that you can watch on your TV or on the go from your phone, iPad or other portable device. If you have AT&T Wireless you can get a 2 year DirecTV deal inclusive of all monthly fees for HD DVR Service. Also, Dish Network’s’ streaming service, Sling TV, which broadcasts a selection of cable TV channels online, including ESPN, streams live NFL matches without going against the law. You can now live streaming Green Bay Packers game on your phone, iPad or computer. In addition to the live stream, you will get all those pre and post match analysis you crave for all this in a very affordable package of about 20 channels of only $20 per month.This, however, is only available to fans inside the US.

For fans outside the US, you can Green Bay Packers game live stream online live or on demand from any region in the world. Although viewing options vary from country to country. This is made possible by the Game Pass which features DVR controls, multi-game viewing option, Condensed Game Feature which allows you to watch a full game in 30 minutes, and if you want to view the game from the coaches view angle among others. The NFL offers the whole 2016 season at a cost of $199.99 or 4 payments of $59.99 per month. This will give you access through to 31st July 2017. You get to watch all Green Bay Packers live game including playoffs and Super Bowl.

With the commencing games, it is recommended to keep following the schedule online so that you will be notified once you want to fill your leisure time by watching your favorite team from your favorite screen. Keep updated by registering to their official site so that you will be informed with the newest information no matter where you are.

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