NFL Thursday Night Football live stream

NFL Thursday Night Football

Twitter users now have a chance to stream live Thursday Night American Football games after Twitter won in bidding. Several digital videos have been heavily battling over NFL Thursday Night Football live stream. Surprisingly, the National Football League has declared that it will partner with Twitter to exclusively provide free, live video streaming of Thursday Night Football to an audience of over 800 million, both regardless of their registration status throughout the world. NFL and Twitter have been partners since 2013, through the Twitter Amplify Program. The best part is that the Twitter platform across all devices; mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and connected TVs will offer the NFL live streaming of the 2016 National Football League Regular Season for free to all audience without authentication.

This partnership will also include pre-game Periscope broadcasts from teams and players, allowing fans an immersive experience before start of the matches, during and after the final whistle. Ten of this year season’s sixteen Thursday night games are also part of the deal.

The National Football League commissioner, Roger Goodell said that Twitter is where live events unfold and is the best partner for the NFL as they take their latest step in serving their fans around the globe. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey also remarked that it is about transforming the fans’ experience with the game. He added that the fans watch NFL games with twitter, but they have offered them a chance to watch NFL right on Twitter Thursday Nights.

The first time users started accessing the NFL’s content around the globe without authentication was during the last season. This time, the NFL had broken a fresh digital ground in partnership with Yahoo to provide a free live stream of a regular season NFL game.

Thursday Night Football started in the year 2006 with only an eight-game schedule exclusively on NFL network. In 2012, the program had increased to a thirteen game schedule, still on the NFL Network, where it remained consistent during the following year’s season. The 2014 and 2015 season saw NFL partnering with CBS to present a sixteen game Thursday Night Football Schedule.

The NFL announced in February 2016 that both CBS and NBC would broadcast five Thursday Night Football games, increasing the package to 10 games in 2016 and 2017 from the initial eight games of 2014 and 2015. All Thursday Night Football live games will continue to be broadcasted on the NFL network.

The popularity of the NFL has highly increased across the media landscape. It is estimated that about 199 million people tuned into the NFL regular season in year 2015, representing 78% of all the TV homes and about 65% of all potential viewers in the United States. The games accounted for the top 25 and 46 of the most viewed TV shows in 2015.

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