Which TV Channel Broadcast NFL 2016 – 2017 Season?

The National Football League has some of the most lucrative broadcasting rights deals in modern sports. This is because television broadcast brought prominence into professional American football and fans all over the world are ready to subscribe paid TV channels that will broadcast live NFL matches.

nfl tv coverage

Due to the financial ability of broadcasting firms, not all firms can afford to buy the broadcasting right. The NFL is only broadcasted by very few, but big firms and it is important to note that no one single firm that can afford to purchase broadcasting rights of the NFL matches.

According to the current NFL broadcasting deal signed in 2015 there are only four TV channels that broadcast American football matches live. These channels are the CBS Corporation, 21st Century Fox, ESPN cable network and NBC, which is also known as the Walt Disney Company. However, despite having several broadcasters allowed to offer live streaming services the American government has provided strict television policies to ensure that stadiums are filled. This means that not all NFL matches are broadcasted live and no single company is allowed to exceed a certain number of live broadcasts.

Regionally televised games on Sunday afternoons are shown on CBS and the Fox and this day primarily carries games from the AFC and NFC. In normal cases the CBS owns the rights for the AFC and the Fox own the rights for the NFC. It is the responsibility of both broadcasting teams to determine who will broadcast an inter-conference game. The choice on who is to broadcast the game mostly depends on the financial and logistical implications as well as the magnitude of the game.

The regular national league games are usually played on Sunday and Monday night and are aired by the NBC and ESPN. Any midweek game mostly played on Thursday nights is broadcasted by CBS however, we have the NFL channel that also broadcasts the game live.

It is important to note that super bowl only rotates among the big three rights holders who are the FOX, CBS and the NBC. the post season games are also shared between the CBS and the FOX depending on which conference you are apart from one game which is aired by ESPN and two games aired by the NBC. CBS will broadcast AFC matches while the 21st Century Fox broadcast the NFC games. With the schedule, you can now enjoy 2016 NFL Season and may the best team win.

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